Furniture can make or mar a space. This is particularly true of wardrobes because storage is an essential part of any kind of setup. But in the space-starved UK metropolis, unwieldy store-bought wardrobes can create more problems than they solve. Too big and you’ve blocked a window, too small and there’s dust gathering in awkward corners. 

Bespoke wardrobes can be an elegant answer to the UK’s perennial space crunch issue. Wardrobes that are made-to-measure from scratch with the express intent of optimizing your floor and wall space to their best possible usage can truly revolutionize a space. 

Read on to know more about why bespoke fitted wardrobes might be the best fit for you.

1- Intelligent use of space

Freestanding or pre-assembled wardrobes follow standard measurements. But life is not like that. Your storage needs are unique to your situation, be it home or studio or office. No matter how thoroughly you have checked before buying, there is no guarantee it will fit everything exactly as you want. 

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Free spaces above and on the sides of the furniture cannot be used for proper storage, creates hard-to-clean corners, and soon becomes the favourite site of dust and allergens to settle. A waste of space, and unhealthy as well. 

With a bespoke wardrobe, you have the freedom to create a piece that is tailored to your special circumstances and storage needs. In the UK, it is often not possible to have all the features you want in an apartment. A bespoke wardrobe offers you that freedom; helps you maximize style and utility by intelligently using the available space. 

2- Eliminating awkward spaces

And then there’s the problem of awkward spaces. A slanting roof here, a skylight there, can play havoc with your storage options. The problem becomes even more pronounced in small spaces. A pre-made wardrobe may block ventilation, or take up spaces that you require for your other possessions. 

A bespoke wardrobe, on the other hand, will adapt to your available space, utilizing every inch of it. Got an alcove in the middle of the wall? Your wardrobe can be tailored to make use of that as storage space. Got some old furniture that can’t be moved? A bespoke wardrobe can be customized around it. Is your apartment too small? Why not use sliding doors instead of traditional ones that require extra space for opening them?

Instead of adjusting your living space to the wardrobe, you adjust the wardrobe to the living space, thereby eliminating the entire issue of awkward spaces.

3- Better organization

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With a bespoke wardrobe, you get to choose exactly how many drawers you need, how much hanging space, how many hooks and rods, etc. You get to customize each part of the wardrobe according to the use it will have. 

Suppose you need more space for evening dresses than document drawers. A pre-assembled wardrobe that suits your style sensibilities may not fit the above criteria. Or vice versa. In any case, this is bad news for your storage organization. Spaces built for one type of objects soon starts to get crammed up with ill-suited ones for the lack of space. A chaotic wardrobe not only wastes time and effort but may also damage your valued possessions. 

With a bespoke wardrobe, you get to create exactly the amount of space you need for each of your requirements and organize your things just the way you feel comfortable with. 

4- Value for money

There’s a misconception that bespoke furniture costs more and therefore is a waste of money. This is often not true. Made-to-measure wardrobes make full use of the available space, eliminating any gaps or unusable corners. Depending on your available space, this may cost you less than store-bought wardrobes that might be bigger than your requirement. 

Even when they cost more than the pre-made ones, bespoke wardrobes can significantly cut down on recurring costs by eliminating unused spaces, hard-to-maintain surfaces, and increasing the life of your possessions through better organization and preservation. 

5- Better control and flexibility

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With a bespoke wardrobe, you have a lot more control over the material, design, and style of the furniture than with a pre-made one. You can customize them any way you want, within the budget window you are comfortable with. A pre-made one will almost always leave you short of satisfaction, either on style or on budget. With a bespoke wardrobe, you have the flexibility to balance your budget and stylistic sensibilities.

6- It’s a great investment

Bespoke wardrobes are tailored to fit your room, so it can difficult or even impossible to move if you need to change the apartment. Yet that is precisely why they can be a great investment in your apartment. An intelligently crafted and well-fitted bespoke wardrobe adds immense value to a room, particularly in a country as space-starved as the UK. Whether you are thinking of reselling the apartment or renting it out, a bespoke wardrobe will exponentially increase the market value of your space. 

Last words

Objects are indispensable to comfortable living, and storage is an unending need. Yet the space we get is not unlimited. This is where intelligent bespoke furniture design can come in really handy. They not only make your life infinitely easier and better organized but also adds value to your property. What’s not to like?

Going for a pre-made, store-bought wardrobe can be an easy choice. But when you go that extra mile by choosing a bespoke, tailor-made solution for your available space, it becomes a smart one. Smart or easy? The choice is yours.

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