Get that gorgeous, Instagram-worthy luxury cabinets you’ve always dreamed of with customized high-end kitchen cabinets. Whether you’re planning to have a new installation or an update to your kitchen, choosing bespoke will surely add value to your interior space.

High-end Modern Kitchen Cabinets

If you’ve chosen a modern style for your bespoke kitchen cabinets, then you’ll expect to have a streamlined and sleek look with a good range of popular palette of the year. For the year 2020, we’ve seen neutral colors have stayed put, such as gray, white, and black hues, but a rising favorite are cobalt and plummy tones paired with deep charcoal.

For the materials finishes such as metal, wood, and even concrete is seen as a staple use when it comes to high-end modern kitchen cabinets.

Cost of Modern Bespoke Kitchen Cabinets

But, first things first, how much does bespoke high-end modern kitchen cabinets cost? This is the first question that homeowners will normally ask as the allotted budget influences the whole decision-making process.

There are a lot of factors that can affect the cost of customized kitchen cabinets such as your location, materials to be used, design, and style of your kitchen cabinets, size, and added features. Let’s take a look at each and see how they affect the costing. 

The Estimated Costs in UK

Based on RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) the average cost for a bespoke kitchen range from £15,000 to £83,000 for a 24 square meter kitchen. Though you’ll expect to get higher prices in London and the south east where tradesmen can charge a premium per hour.

According to Zoe Holland of Sustainable Kitchens a Bristol based design house, around 30% of your budget is spent on cabinetry, 50% on appliances, worktops and accessories and 20% on installation, delivery and hand-painting.

National Kitchen and Bath Association states that 59% is spent on cabinets, 17% are spent on labor and installation, 14% on appliances and ventilation and 10% on countertops.


Additional Costs to Consider

Design Fee. In-house designers for bespoke shops generally provide free services, however, for multiple design ideas and site visitation fees are charged. There are furniture shops who deducts these fees from the final price of the furniture once an order is placed. The design fee ranges from  £195.00 to £750 depending on the complexity of the design.


Installation Fee. Most installation fees for high-end modern kitchen cabinets charges for site surveys which typically cover multiple site visits, dry fit installation and onsite flash coat painting service. The cost is around £395.00 per day including VAT.

Appliances Purchase and Install. Appliances can be purchased by the bespoke furniture provider and charge a service fee. You have an option to purchase your own and usually the bespoke furniture provider will guide you through the selection process.

Removal of Old Kitchen Cabinets. If you’re doing a remodel of your old kitchen, you’ll need to pay a renovation’s contractor to do the removal of your old one as well as re-plastering the walls and replacing the flooring.

Contingency Costs. It is important to keep a budget for unforeseen events. A rule of thumb is keeping around 5% to 10% of the project cost for the contingency cost.

Cost Considerations of High-end Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Labor cost, shipping cost and availability of materials are affected based on your location. If you live in London for instance, you’ll find a higher mark up compared to the general pricing in Newcastle. The materials used such as opting for a stainless steel or hardwood which is more expensive than composite wood lumber. Hardware and other accessories should also be considered. The availability of the material specified is another factor to take into account as additional fees can accumulate during procurement.

The size of your kitchen is a significant factor on the pricing. Naturally, the larger your kitchen the more materials, labor and time is needed. You’ll also find that the style can also affect the pricing. Vintage themes are likely to be more expensive as more materials and details are put into the design. But high-end modern kitchen cabinets can fetch an expensive price tag as much as vintage themed cabinets.

If you’re planning to get a well-known high-end kitchen cabinet brand expect to pay a higher fee compared to upcoming or unrecognized kitchen cabinet provider.

  • Location
  • Materials
  • Types
  • Sizes and Design
  • Labor
  • Brand and Reputation

Popular High-end Kitchen Cabinet Brands

  1. Snaidero. With 70 years of crafting experience, it is one of the longest high-end kitchen cabinet brands. Snaidero showcases top-quality and distinctive designs made by caliber designers with the likes of Virgilio Forchiassin, Michele Marcon, Gae Aulenti and Massimo Iosa Ghini. The luxury modern cabinets introduce innovative kitchen design solutions include beautiful kitchen collections OLA 20, Kelly and Frame.


  1. Stoneham. Probably the longest running luxury furniture business in the UK with over 150 years of producing high-quality and stylish kitchen cabinets. Stonehome combines the best traditional techniques and state-of-the-art technology to produce a range of vintage to modern styles.


  1. Clive Christian Furniture Company. One of UK’s most renowned bespoke kitchen and furniture provider. Winner of Norther Design Awards 2017 as Best Showroom Display under Kitchen Retailer Categories. Using traditional artisanal craftsmanship, the British luxury brand is wholly bespoke in creating their high-end kitchen cabinets.


  1. Vimercati. Established since 1920 the Italian made classic cabinets

since 1920. "Luxury Classic Furniture." Handmade in Italy. Classic kitchens. A company born from a long tradition of craftsmanship in wood processing and in particular in the realization of the classic furniture derived from popular styles in Italy and in European countries own at that time, taking direct inspiration from the most luxurious and elegant classic styles.


  1. Woodstock Furniture. For over 40 years in the business, the renowned luxury bespoke provider boasts their unique designs and creative flair when creating the bespoke kitchens. Winner of several awards which include Craftsmanship Award, Designer Kitchen and Bathroom Awards 2013 and MGM Award (one of only 50 awarded to the UK’s top furniture & furnishing manufacturer.


  1. Charlie Kingham Cabinetmakers. This bespoke cabinetmaker focuses on classic joinery methods to craft unique pieces of furniture. This project has a modern take on Shaker-style cabinetry and includes appliances from Miele.



  1. Davonport. Owned by Richard Davonport, the luxury bespoke provider is based in East Anglia and has a thriving workshop in Essex and Suffolk border. Their quality bespoke furniture are recognized in the British Design & Manufacturing Award at the 2017 Designer Kitchen & Bathroom Awards.

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