Whether you clicked on this article or scrolled it. You are here because you are about to decide on investing in a bespoke furniture piece or took that decision already and want to make sure you are on the right track! Either way, we want to assure you. You are at the right place! 

Today, we will explain the most common problems that bespoke furniture can solve for you. We will also look at what you need to prepare and help you get the maximum value out of your order, time and money!


In simple words; Bespoke furniture is the furniture that is made to measure. This means; you can have it exactly the way you want it, be it colour, touch, texture, form or measure. Each element will be designed according to your desires and will solve the issues that you experience every time you walk into that room and use that piece of furniture!


The main advantage of bespoke furniture is that it allows you to maximise the use of space that you have to guarantee you the ultimate use and practicality while still keeping the beauty element present in the design. It is also a vital factor in places where square meters cost a lot, like in London!

A good example is if in one of the rooms you have a fireplace and you want to use the surrounding areas and the area above the fireplace. The bespoke unit can be designed in such a way that it will be installed and fitted around your fireplace. In that case, you don’t have to lose that space, yet keep the original use of the chimney and not hide or cancel it.



Another common case is if you have a 3.5meters ceiling. bespoke furniture will help you to use every centimetre of that height. There are several solutions for using the upper levels which are not reachable by arms. The most common use for upper levels would be Pull out hanging rail which is very convenient to use. Other possible solutions can include built-in steps or ladder.


Here is what you need to KNOW 

At the initial stage, you need to prepare well before ordering the piece of furniture. 

First of all, You have to:

  • Identify your exact needs: You need to make sure you know well what you want before placing the order as the revisions can be quite costly and time-consuming. Also, it is difficult to change anything during the manufacturing process, as it would normally require to order the new materials and redo the work from scratch. From the moment you signed off the drawing, it will be quite costly to change anything.
  • Pick the colour you want and stick with it: Depending on how sensitive to the colour you are, you might go as far as to identify the exact paint you want to use or mix of paints. It might sound easy but it can get tricky due to multiple colour factors in the room like wall paint, other furniture pieces, and curtains, carpet, etc. Usually, the furniture should work well matching with the floor but can work differently as well.
  • Prepare the basic drawings  You can do the basic pen and pencil drawing. It doesn’t have to be a full sketch, just basic lines, and shapes. Bring it to any bespoke furniture company and they will be able to bring it to life and complete design. Alternatively, you can let the company do all the design. At Black Square Joinery we offer complete bespoke solutions from design to installation. 

That should be enough to get your project moving, the more you prepare - the easier it will be for the architects and designers to find the correct solution for you. If you are thinking about ordering bespoke furniture and would like a no-obligation consultation or advice please feel free to contact us or phone us at 020 8133 9646.


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